Industries for landscaping services

Koehn Outdoor has experience working within a diverse range of industries, but we always make sure to approach each project with the same level of dedication, passion, and attention to our customers’ wants and needs.

Community Assocations

HOAs and other associations for community living environments like condos, multifamily apartments, neighborhoods, and senior living facilities have a lot to take into consideration. These places need to appeal to residents and visitors, who all maintain their own likes, dislikes, and wants, but also need to meet specifications set by association board members. Koehn Outdoor’s commitment to excellence means that, no matter how varied the voices of a community might be, we’ll strive to deliver something wonderful.

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Business Parks

Adding a touch of natural beauty to the business world is as beneficial to workers as it is to the aesthetics of a property. Koehn Outdoor can design, construct, and maintain business parks for your location that will enhance and improve its look and feel. It’s remarkable what a difference excellent, thoughtful landscaping design can make around commercial properties.

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Commercial Properties

Commercial properties never have to be boring or lifeless. Whether you’re looking to create something special for a retail property, develop a beautiful office park, or need to maintain existing landscaping, we can add a spark of life to any commercial area. With these commercial properties — as with any of the industries we’re working in — we go beyond lawn care and tailor landscaping to your location’s particular needs, ensuring that we make the most of your real estate.

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Multi-Family Communities

There’s often an element of compromise and acceptance when it comes to the landscaping around multi-family communities like apartment complexes or condos. Koehn Outdoor aims to go beyond that simple acceptance and create outdoor environments so beautiful they're capable of impressing anyone and everyone.

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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities offer a critical service to our society, and their landscaping needs can often go beyond simple aesthetics. Frequently, outdoor spaces for healthcare facilities are used for therapeutic purposes. We can design landscaping for healthcare facilities that create a soothing, reassuring environments for patients and staff.

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Municipal Properties

As with any “shared” environment, making sure landscaping around public infrastructure appeals to everyone is a daunting task. If you add in the issues of limited public funding and strict guidelines, designing and maintaining landscape environments for public infrastructures can be doubly frustrating. We tackle this problem by keeping your specific needs in mind while we apply our expertise and skills in a way that promises results that will please just about everyone.

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