Our designers and installers are true industry leaders and we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for entire amenity packages for multi-family developers, general contractors and estate residences.

Creating your Dreamscape

A gently curving path, a low wall, or a wooden arbor can push a landscaping design from ordinary to extraordinary, adding value and beauty to a property while enhancing the natural elements surrounding it. Our years of experience means we know exactly how to implement hardscaping in a landscaping design, turning your outdoor environment into a work of art that you can walk through, admire, and enjoy.

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Inviting Spaces

Landscaping can go way beyond lawns and trees and become a way of creating beautiful, inviting spaces that anyone can enjoy. Even the simplest hardscaping can have remarkable results, making your outdoor spaces as welcoming and comfortable as indoor ones – and with the beauty of nature as a huge bonus. In the hands of experienced professionals like our Koehn Outdoor team, implementing hardscaping elements can give your landscaping design that extra push.

Some simple hardscaping we can use to make a project truly special include:
- Pavers
- Brick and Block Work
- Tile
- Retaining Walls

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More Than Pavers

We can handle small hardscaping projects or large ones – so don't be afraid to dream big when it comes to your project plans. When it comes to hardscaping, our highly skilled, dedicated, and creative team of professionals can go way beyond simple pavers and tiles and help you design something truly astonishing for your property.

Some of the elements Koehn Outdoor can work on include:
- Outdoor Kitchens
- Pergolas
- Water Features
- Pools
- Fire Features
- Synthetic Turf Installation
- Custom Structures

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