Arbor Care

Trimming trees isn’t just about aesthetics. Making sure the trees and shrubs on your property are well-maintained is a safety measure that shouldn’t be ignored.

Ultimate Tree Care

The Koehn Outdoor team doesn’t stop at trimming trees, shrubs, and palms. For us, taking care of the plants on your property is a full-service job that we're serious about approaching with the same dedication and professionalism as any other project we tackle. We want to ensure that your trees are thriving and looking their best, so we make sure they’re getting the proper nutrients and we put a halt to any insect or disease infestation before things get out of hand.

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Tree Trimming

Looks are important, but so is safety. Keeping your trees properly trimmed is critical to keeping everyone and everything on your property is safe from potential falling branches or other risks, and to keep you safe from liability. However, even if safety weren’t a concern – trees that are properly trimmed and cared for by professionals like those on our team allow your landscaping design to continue looking its best.

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Tree Removal

Whether it’s because of a design change or an unfortunate necessity, tree removal can be a huge hassle for property owners that could potentially result in a lot of mess and danger. Regardless of why the tree might need to go, Koehn Outdoor’s team of highly trained professionals can remove dead, dying, damaged, or unwanted trees on your property safely and responsibly.

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Arborist Consulting

Everyone can’t be a tree expert, which is why our arborists are available for consultation. You might have questions about best way to deal with a dying tree, or how to care for a diseased tree. Maybe you’re planning a construction project and need to know how to deal with potentially protected trees on the job site, or the best and most responsible way to clear certain trees from your property. Consulting with experts at Koehn Outdoor will get you the answers you need, no matter what arboreal issues might spring up.

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